Video Writing Prompts: Columbus Day

K-2: Making a Map

Imagine that you are an explorer. You need to practice mapping unknown territory. Let's start with places you already know!

Draw a map of a place you know. It could be your home, your block or school. Then, label each place on the map.

3-5: Columbus' Crew

Pretend it is the year 1492 and you are joining Christopher Columbus on his journey to find a different route to Asia.

Write a good-bye letter addressing your family members.  Share your feelings about leaving.  Are you excited, nervous, happy? What dangers do you think you would come across out on the ocean?

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Describe your concerns and overall feeling about partaking in Christopher Columbus’ voyage.

6-8: Modern Day Expedition

Imagine you were given the opportunity to join a modern day expedition that was setting out to explore an unknown territory.  This expedition would be supplied with the best technology possible. You are not sure what you will find because no man has ever gone there.  There is a risk of danger and you do not know when you will be able to return home to your family and friends.

Would you accept the invitation? Why or why not?  List 5 reasons to support your answer.

9-12: Revising History

The story of Christopher Columbus has evolved and changed as historians have revealed the true information behind this historic figure. Why is it important to discover the truth about the past?  How does it affect our lives today?

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