Video Writing Prompt: Monsters, Inc. 3D Trailer

Stephen Eldridge, TeachHUB

Monsters, Inc. has become a beloved animated classic since its initial release in 2001. Now the film is returning to theaters with a 3D makeover that will add a new dimension to the Pixar favorite.

Use this all-audiences trailer to get your students thinking and writing about appearances as contrasted with reality and the use of irony in fiction.

K-2: Make a Monster

There are lots of strange, scary, and funny monsters in the trailer. Draw your own monster. Tell if your monster is more funny or scary.

3-5 Not So Scary

In Monsters, Inc. we discover that the monsters that are scaring children are actually nice, and they discover that child that scares them isn't so dangerous.

Have you ever been frightened of something that turned out to be nice, fun, or funny? Write a paragraph to tell about what scared you, and why it wasn't so scary after all.

6-8 Appearances Can Be Deceiving

In the trailer, we're introduced to characters whose appearances are very different from their personalities. Describe the character Sully's appearance and why children might find him so scary. Then, describe the personality he appears to show in the film. Compare and contrast the expectations his appearance creates and the reality of his personality.

9-12 Irony, Inc.

Situational irony is a literary technique in which expectations of a situation are contradicted by the actual results of that situation. For example, if a character wants to protect their treasure by burying it, but then forgets where the treasure is buried, that may be situational irony because by trying to keep the treasure they actually lost it.

Write about how the trailer uses irony to create interest and humor. Explain what expectations might be created, and how they're contradicted.


Having trouble viewing the video? Click below to watch it.

Monsters, Inc. 3D


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