Video Writing Prompt: Justin and the Knights of Valour

A heart-warming animated tale about friendship, honor and courage, Justin and the Knights of Valour is the story of a young boy who embarks on a quest to become a knight. Living in a kingdom where nobility rules with an iron fist and the courageous nature of knights is no longer valued, Justin dreams of becoming a knight, just like his grandfather once was. Unfortunately, this dream is stamped out as his father, who serves as chief advisor to the queen, wants his son to follow in his footsteps of becoming a lawyer instead.

Determined to follow his dream of becoming a knight, Justin embarks on his epic journey and, along the way, meets an interesting cast of characters who teaches him valuable life lessons. 

Justin and the Knights of Valour won’t be released until August, but students can watch this trailer for a sneak peak. When they’re done, have them answer the following questions, designed to get them thinking about their long-term goals and the roles mentors play in helping them reach those goals.

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Grades K-2: Picture yourself

Draw a picture of yourself doing a job you love. What are you doing? How does doing this work make you feel?

Grades 3-5: Positive Thinking

In the movie clip, other characters make fun of Justin for wanting to become a knight. What dream are you afraid of pursuing because you think others might make fun of you? What positive things can you think to yourself that would help combat the negative things someone might say about your ultimate dream/long-term goal?

Grades 6-8: We All Need Help

In the clip, Justin is being trained in the ways of the knights. What adult has helped teach you the things you need to realize your dreams? How have they helped you? What would you say to thank them?