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Video: Deaf Football Players Use Secret Weapon

Patty Murray

A football team in Freemont, California has beaten the odds.

The CSD Eagles is a small football team made up of 19 players all considered small in size, but they showed big heart on the field. Facing large teams with big players did not intimidate this underdog team. CSD used their quickness and hurry up offense to land a 10-2 season, shocking apposing teams and fans alike.

Besides their small size, the Eagles have another uniqueness about them: every single player, including the coach, is deaf.  CSD, or California School for the Deaf, strives to prepare their students the best they can for the rest of their lives and to help them turn their limitations into something positive. On the football field, the team turned their deafness into an advantage by using sign language and color-coded sideline boards to call plays that athletes with hearing could not figure out.

What the team has learned through playing football is something they can take with them and learn from as they continue on in life.

Learn more about the CSD football team in the video below:

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Video: Deaf Football Players Use Secret Weapon