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Like it or not, being a union member is a must in today's sue crazy world!

Deanne's picture

If a teacher doesn't join for the liability insurance, he/she is a fool. You need to protect yourself. The lawyer service offered by my professional group has come in handy and when dealing with difficult administrators, parents, and students.

Kelly Fothergill's picture

There is a difference between a professional organization and a union.

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I am part of a professional organization that costs less, gives me better liability coverage, and gives me a voice in what they support or don't support.

R. J. Fletcher's picture

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Many "less expensive" professional organizations appear to have better liability coverage but look at the fine print. Do you have to pay up front for attorney fees and then get reimbursed only if you are found "Not at fault?" Do you get an attorney that is an expert in your state's education code or one from across the country? And finally, is this professional organization run by people and funded by people who are working against public education's mission for a quality education for all students? It may be worth a second look.