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Transform Students into Published eBook Authors

The ABCs of Classroom Accessibility


Transform Students into eBook AuthorsReady to add published author to the resume of you AND your students? That's no problem with the new web tool I discovered.

ePubBud is my new favorite in the publishing arena. You can easily put together picture books and stories to download to your computer and read on your internet browser, eReader, Kindle, iPad or any mobile device. Students will feel like really important authors when their work moves from the fridge to the digital world.

To further personalize stories, you can scan students' drawing to include in the eBook or help them design a cover/images to upload. Stories can even include YouTube videos, which enhances the reading experience for students with different learning styles and make creating books even more fun.

Posting the books themselves is fairly simple, but publishing can be a little tricky. Below I've detailed simple step-by-step directions to create and share your ebooks with ease.

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How You & Your Students Can Publish Your eBooks

To begin using this great resource, you must register on their site. Registry is free of charge. Once registered, process to publish is easy and simple.

The initial step in this process is to create a book online. In doing so, you must choose the category of your book and the type of book, whether it be a picture or chapter. Once you choose to create a book, you can then copy and paste your text into the formatting. You can import any graphics and images you want to upload and insert in the book.

Once you have completed creating your book, follow these basic steps to publish your work.

The easiest way to share the ebook is via a link to the website. You can share the link via email or click to twitter and facebook with one click.

For those ambitious, tech-savvy teachers, you can publish to iTunes for viewing on mobile devices. Follow these directions:

Step 1: Publish Your eBook

First, you must choose the option to publish your finished book. Don’t worry if your work is not finalized because you are allowed to edit the cover letter and pages at any time.

Step 2: Download Your eBook

Next, in order to save the book to your desktop or download to a folder, you must hold down the Control key and press the letter O.

Step 3: Drop eBook Into Your iTunes Library

Now, drag and drop the downloaded book into your iTunes folder. Once moved the book to iTunes, your book should be available within iTunes inside your iBooks app on the library shelf.

Step 4: Read Your eBook Anywhere!

Now that you have reached the final step, your book is now available to view as an eBook online thorough any smart phone, iTouch, iPad, or other such mobile device or in a browser such as Netflix or Safari.

The website also offers a free step-by-step tutorial video for your convenience. You can also take a look at my first eBook accessible it in a browser, download to itunes, and on your smartphone or mobile.

Your students will feel great accomplishment with their publications.

Try it out and share with us your eBook creations in the comments section below!