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Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011

Patty Murray

It's that time of year where countdowns are everywhere, so we're here to share the most popular video writing prompts that ran on TeachHUB this year.

Here are the top 12 most popular video writing prompts of 2011:


#1:  9/11 Memorial Video Writing Prompts

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 K-2: Thanking Heroes
Many police officers and fire fighters died trying to help people on September 11. People who put themselves in danger to help others are heroes.

Create your own drawing that says "thank you" to all those police officers, fire fighters and other heroes who help people every day.   


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9-12: Post-9/11 America
How have the events of 9/11 and its aftermath shaped what it means to be an American? Consider the actions the government has taken after these events, how it changed people's lives and how you think of yourself living in a post-9/11 America..


#2:  Marshmallow Test Video Writing Prompts

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 3-5: Hard to Resist?
Why was it difficult for the children to resist eating the marshmallow?


9-12: Immediate Gratification
Our culture is one fueled by immediate gratification. What are some other examples of people being unable or unwilling to wait? Is this a positive or negative trend?


#3:  Live Angry Birds Video Writing Prompts

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 K-2: Angry Emotions
Those are some angry birds. Have you ever been angry? How do you behave when you feel angry? How should you behave when you feel angry?


6-8: Game Instructions
Explain step-by-step instructions for playing your favorite game. It could be Angry Birds, a video game or a sport. Be sure to explain each step clearly, so your readers can play the game themselves without any other help.


#4:  Video Writing Prompts: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 3-5: Food Frenzy
Food is a big part of Thanksgiving. While traditional Thanksgiving feasts include turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, the holiday could use some new and exciting additions to the menu. Snoopy tries some creative options for his Thanksgiving dinner. Now it's your turn.

Create a new dish that you think would commemorate the holiday. Describe what it is made of and why you think Thanksgiving would be better with your dish on the table.

#5:  Pirates of the Caribbean Video Writing Prompts

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 K-2: “R” You Ready for Pirate Words?
Aaarrrgggghhhh! I love pirates and they LOVE the letter “r.” You have 5 minutes to write down as many letters that start with the letter “r” as you can. Go!


3-5: The Benefits of Youth
The quest in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie is to find the Fountain of Youth. Everyone wants to find a way to be young again.

What’s so great about being young? Why do you think being a kid is better than begin an adult? Describe at least three things you can do that grownups just can’t.


#6:  Dolphin Tale Video Writing Prompts

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 3-5: Animals as Friends
Can an animal be as good a friend to you as a person? Why or why not?


9-12: Animal Rights
Dolphin Tale tells a story about a few individuals going above and beyond to save one animal. As a society, though, we often put the priorities of people and business before those of animals and the environment.  Identify an example of "animal rights" being violated for the good of people. Explain why this was/is the right or wrong choice.


#7:  Video Writing Prompts: The Fun Theory

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 K-2: Piano Stair Performance
Would you take the musical stairs? What song would you want to play? Draw a picture of you "performing" on the piano stairs.

3-8: Find the Fun!
Now it's your turn to try the fun theory. Choose a task that is typically boring and make it fun! Describe why your game or "angle" on the chore is more entertaining.


#8:  Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial Writing Prompts

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 K-2: Movie Villains
The child is dressed in a Darth Vader costume. Darth Vader is the villain character in the Star Wars movies. Can you think of another movie villain? Draw a picture of that villain or create a villain of your own to draw.


9-12: Predicting Technologies
Many of the imagined technologies in movies now exist. What do you think will be the next big technological innovation?

Brainstorm 5 potential technologies for the future. Feel free to use futuristic films and fiction to inspire you.


#9:  Pumpkin Carving Video Writing Prompts

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 3-5: How To Carve a Pumpkin
Now that you've seen an expert pumpkin carver's process, it is your turn to make a pumpkin carving plan.

Write step by step instructions for carving a pumpkin. Start at the very beginning (finding and preparing it) and go to the very end (displaying your pumpkin).


6-8: Pumpkin Passion
Do you like carving pumpkins? Why do you think people enjoy this traditional fall activity?


#10:  Beauty Before & After Writing Prompts

3-5: Recognizing Your Reflection

Would you recognize the girl in the beginning from the final billboard photo? Would you ever want to change so much people didn't recognize you? Why or why not?


9-12: Beauty & the Media

Do you think the media should represent beauty more realistically or should they stick to these airbrushed models? What is their responsibility to the impressionable people (young or old) whom these images affect?


#11:  Animal Instinct Video Writing Prompts 

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 K-2:  Zoo Animals
What is your favorite animal to visit at the zoo? Draw a picture of that animal. Beneath your drawing, write down what kind of animal it is AND its name.

3-5:  Observing Animals
What animals have you been able to observe up close? Take a few minutes to think about how those animals behave.


Identify the animal you’ve observed and at least three things that animal does that set it apart from other animals. How do these behaviors help the animal survive?


#12:  Hunger Games Video Writing Prompt

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts of 2011 6-8: Sacrifice
Katniss Everdeen, the main character in The Hunger Games, volunteers to be a tribute to save her sister’s life. 

Have you ever sacrificed something for someone you love? (Your example doesn’t have to be extreme. Think about instances in which you gave up an object or even your time to help someone or make them happy). Describe your sacrifice and how it made you feel to give something up for another person. 

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