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Top 12 Lesson Plans Websites

Annie Condron

With the 2.0 teaching community getting bigger by the day, there are endless options to look for lesson plans.  

You can gain the expertise of veteran teachers, the resources of major news agencies, ed tech capabilities that would make Bill Gates jealous or just the combined brainstorm of innumerable teachers around the world , all with the click of a mouse.

To save you the time of wading through the thousands of sites out there, we've compiled the Top 12 go-to websites when looking for lessons:

Education World

This simple, well-known site shares lessons submitted by teachers. It’s has a wealth of ideas, especially when working with a timely theme for elementary.

 Search is whole site, not just lessons, but it works pretty well.

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USA Today Education Lessons

Betty from Betty’s Blog says it best:

"U.S.A. Today has an education section that I love.  They take current events and create exciting lesson plans including objectives, students pages, teacher information, and meaningful questions.   The offerings include math, science, and social studies lessons and seem to be geared towards high school students, although I think they might also be useful for some middle school classes.”

Jeopardy Quiz Games

Strictly, these aren’t exactly lesson plans, but everybody loves a jeopardy review game, right? This game is high energy, with double jeopardy, easy-to-use scoring on the site and up to five teams. Just really fun!

 You can either create your own or see if there’s a ready-made one on the topic you’re using. You can play online or save to your computer to come back to later.

 Carl’s Corner

If you would like to have a Reading Specialist on standby, Carl’s Corner is the site for you. 

 It looks very crafty and homemade, but any teacher with struggling readers and writers will find something to help, whether it be a spelling lesson, struggling reader best practices or the 30-page book with reading intervention strategies.


Lesson-sharing moves into the Wiki world with this curriculum exchange site. There are tons of units, lesson plans, videos, exercises, games and presentations for all subjects and grade levels. The advanced search option makes it pretty painless to find activities that fit.


I have a feeling this is going to take off, so there should be even more resources available as the user-generated lesson site continues to grow.

SMART Teacher Exchange

If you’re a SMART board user, this site will be a gold mine just waiting for you to start digitally digging.


You can download lessons either SMART-created or uploaded by other teachers. You can even search by standards!

Discovery Education

I would have thought that Discovery Education is all about science (which it does have a very strong, diverse selection), but there is also has a lot to offer across the curriculum.


With each lesson, Discovery provides a lot of options – including the lesson, suggested reading, adaptations, potential homework or assignments to supplement the in-class lesson, vocab, not to mention additional reading and links.


As an added bonus, they also list the benchmarks for each lesson.

Pop Culture Lesson Plans

Pop Culture Lessons are printable worksheets that will spark your students’ attention by tying curriculum into the real world through current events and pop culture trends and figures.


All TeachHUB members can access the lesson plan archive. Membership is free.

Sign Up for Free Pop Culture Lesson Plans.


Hot Chalk Lesson Plan Page

Lesson Plan Pages has a large selection of planning ideas, so it’s a good go-to for your day-to-day lesson ideas. Their Science Experiment section is extensive, setting it apart from other sites.


I’m not wild about the search, which is a whole site search and might take you to another source for lessons, but it does get the job done.

Read Write Think 

Read Write Think is a literacy-specific lesson plan sight for K-12 provided by the International Reading Association.


What I like about these lessons is that they have longer units rather than single lessons, match lessons to national standards, provide time estimates and additional resources from other sights to go along with the lesson. You can also email lessons to friends or yourself.


High school teachers, Hippocampus is a lesson site just for you (unlike so many of the mostly-elementary sites out there). There are multimedia mini-sites with lesson presentations for specialized subjects within Algebra, US History, Environmental Science, etc. You can also create custom mini-sites for your class.  


Downside – there aren’t any English or arts options yet.


BrainPOP has animated videos to supplement your curriculum. With the help of Moby, BrainPOP’s signature cartoon robot, you’ll get your students attention along with lessons to accompany the video and other resources.


There is also a community of Teachers who share different ways to use Brainpop videos in the classroom. Allisyn Levy, director of Brainpop, gave us the inside on everything the site offers in this TeachHUB interview.


They also just launched an ESL-specific site in Beta right now. “Awesome site for ESL. Video, guided practice, games, systematic curriculum,” according to Marlise6 of Iowa via twitter


Where do you go to get online lesson plans help? Share in the comments section!


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