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Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 2010

We're kicking off our New Year's K-12 countdowns with the most popular education articles that ran on TeachHUB this year.


Here are the top 10 TeachHUB Articles of 2009 based on your visits:

Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 201020 Amazing iPad Apps for Educators

After the iPod revolutionized how society listened to music and the iPhone pushed the boundaries of smartphone technology, the iPad stands poised to alter the face of mobile computing. Many have praised its potential to make personal and professional lives that much easier – and that certainly includes the education industry!


Teachers with a love of technology and a passion for nurturing the minds of their students can easily discover creative ways to incorporate the iPad into the daily routine, and some of these great educational and organizational applications are bound to help them get started. read more 

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Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 2010100+ Google Tricks for Teachers

It's Google's world, we're just teaching in it.


Now, we can use it a little easier. With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for you, so why not latch onto the wide world that Google has to offer?


From super-effective search tricks to Google tools specifically for education to tricks and tips for using Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these tricks will surely save you some precious time. read more

Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 2010Effective Co-Teaching Strategies

With inclusion on the rise, teachers are sharing classrooms more than ever and becoming an effective co-teaching partner is a teaching essential.


A co-teaching team typically includes a general and a special educator who teach the general education curriculum to all students as well as implement Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for students with disabilities. Both educators on the co-teaching team are responsible for differentiating the instructional planning and delivery, assessment of student achievement, and classroom management.

read more

Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 2010Top 12 Ways to Motivate Students

If there is one thing we know about kids, it’s that they have short attention spans and prefer now to later. This is especially true at the end of the year when summer break is on their brains.


Teachers, more than any district or schoolwide programs, have the most power to motivate students because they’re on the front lines. They can influence students in a way that kids can actually understand: here, now, today, in this room.  read more

Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 2010Top 12 Fierce Fashion Tips for Teachers on a Budget

Stereotypically, teachers aren't always known for their fashion sense. Visions of jean jumpers, iron-on sweaters and orthopedic shoes come to mind, but those of us walking the hallways everyday know plenty of teachers are on the style honor roll.


Teacher certainly face fashion challenges. Full days on your feet surrounded by dry erase markers, crowded hallways and dirty students' hands don't bode well for high-priced, high-concept style. Nor does a teacher salary or insanely busy schedules. It's hard to find time to think much less plan the perfect outfit.


To help, we've collected the Top 12 Fall Fashion Tips just for teachers. Break out of your wardrobe rut this fall and bring practical and affordable style back into the classroom!  read more

Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 2010Kathy Schrock's Top 12 Free Ed Tech Tools

Kathy Schrock has become the guru of online education resources with her award-winning Guide for Educators on Discovery Education. She is also an Director of Technology for Nauset Public Schools, a previous library media specialists, an Adobe Education Leader, a Google Certified Teacher, and a Discovery STAR Educator.


Kathy has been kind enough to share her Top 12 favorite free ed tech tools! read more

Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 2010 Quick Guide to Differentiated Instruction

Good teachers have always understood that they don’t just teach a subject, they teach individual students with different learning skills, backgrounds and abilities. Differentiation connects the content to the students and addresses these varied needs.

Although you might use a variety of instructional strategies, they are a "means to an end." These strategies help students reach the clear learning goals set by a teacher and should be utilized to address students' readiness, interests and learning profiles. read more

Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 2010Exit Slips: Effective Bell-Ringer Activities

One teaching objective frequently used by administrators and educational evaluators is the old adage “Teach bell-to-bell.” Sometimes, however, this wise advice is easier given than done.

Teachers find themselves with five or even ten vacant minutes at the end of class, and they ask themselves, “What now?” While some may opt to allow students additional “study time” or “early homework time,” such a plan usually goes awry, and students begin chattering, antagonizing one another, and generally become disruptive in the absence of an actual purpose.

A better answer to the “dead time” issue comes in the form of: Exit Slips.  read more

Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 2010Classroom Chuckles with Teacher Toons

As a teacher-of-the-year and cartoonist, Ramon Ramirez uses classroom challenges and teachers lounge fodder as inspiration for his art.


Ramon's Teacher Toons spreads laughter outside his Texas high school to fellow humor-seeking educators around the country, including the nearly 1,000 fans on facebook. Ramon gave TeachHUB the inside scoop on how humor and positivity are the keys to his classroom success.

read more


Top 10 Most Popular Education Articles of 2010Elementary, My Dear Teacher: Teaching with Mysteries

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it can also peak the interest in your students and engage them in your lessons!


If you didn’t catch the Sherlock Holmes movie over the break, you probably saw the commercials. The world’s greatest fictional detective lives again for a new generation of movie-goers. Why does Hollywood keep recycling him every few years? Because mysteries are universally appealing.


Here are some ways to take advantage of that appeal to keep your students’ attention: read more

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