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Technology in the Classroom: 3 Tips for Getting Started with Tech This Year


From time to time, we’ll be collaborating with the folks over at Chalkup, a next-generation learning management system, for article concepts and ideas.

For instructors heading back to school with new technology in the classroom -- or those who are interested in using technology in the classroom for the first time this year - we compiled three tips for getting your feet wet.

Talk to your PLN

You might be using classroom technology for the first time, but you don’t need to go it alone. You have a personal learning network that you can tap for instruction, recommendation, and support as you select and implement new digital tools.

If you’re not already tuning into weekly Twitter chats to expand your personal learning network and engage with educators who are in the same boat, you’re missing out. These online discussions zero in on edu topics and are rich in resources. They are an ideal opportunity to pick up some tech tips and ask lots and lots of questions.

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Schedule a Technology in the Classroom Demo

The companies from which you are obtaining devices and learning platforms have reservoirs of support tools. This includes full support and customer service teams who want to ensure you’re able to use (and love) their product.

For instructors who are new to ed-tech, consider setting up a small demo with any of your tech providers. Or if you don’t want to dedicate time to a full one-on-one session, ask if their support team has any resources for users who are new to their product.

We can tell you on the company side that we get requests like this all the time -- and it’s a totally reasonable ask. We created a video series of tutorials for users who are learning our product (and ed-tech in general) for the first time.

Set a Hyper-Focused Goal

As you learn and grow with classroom technology, keep the big picture in mind. One of the biggest mistakes we see users make is implementing tech for the sake of doing so. Digitizing a process that offers no more to the student or the process than paper is a wasted exercise and a missed opportunity.

What do you want to gain by using technology in your classroom? Is it boosting test scores? Unlocking a more efficient grading process? Developing fluency across a range of programs in your students? Spend some time of this question before breaking out the devices with your class.

Chalkup is a class collaboration platform that keeps classes connected, organized, and equipped to learn more.  Read more on their blog.