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Technology in the Classroom: 15 Useful #Hashtags

Kelvin Fogarty

Are you one of those teachers who limits her perception of education to textbooks, notebooks and homework? Of course not! You’re ready to do whatever it takes to overcome the barriers to technology in the classroom. You want to bring technology in the classroom closer to your students, so you’ll prepare them to face a world that’s practically based on it.  Are you using technology in the classroom to its full potential? What about social media? How are you approaching this huge, but scary, trend?

We’ll give you a suggestion on how to approach social media in a way that’s both safe and inspiring for your students. Teachers usually rely on Twitter with the purpose of professional development. However, there’s much more to this tool than you assume. Let’s explore the power of #hashtags on Twitter.

How Can You Use Twitter as Technology in the Classroom?

  • For starters, you may use #hashtags to explore the trends in education and connect with other teachers. There’s a whole community of teachers on Twitter who can influence ed reforms in classrooms across the world.
  • You may start following the most popular #hashtags in education and share them with your students.
  • Then, you can start creating your own #hashtags, so your students can post tweets after doing research on the topic you give.

Let’s start the countdown, shall we?

15 Most Useful #hashtags in Education

1. #literacy

As a teacher, you have a responsibility to improve your students’ literacy. That’s a noble goal, but it’s also a huge challenge. The resources you find under this Twitter #hashtag will help. You’ll see what problems parents and other teachers are facing with this issue. You’ll also get tons of resources to explore.

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2. #edreform

You have a great idea on how to make education better? Share it on Twitter and label it with #edreform, so many people will see it. You want to get all the information you need about the development of the contemporary educational system? See what other teachers and experts are sharing under this #hashtag.

3. #edtech

You need ideas on how to use technology in the classroom? You can get them if you explore this #hashtag. Teachers share personal experiences on how they use specifics apps and services in their classrooms. You’ll also get recommendations and reviews of the latest EdTech trends through it.

4. #edapp

Wondering what apps to start using in the classroom? It’s a tough choice. Some apps may be distracting for your students. Others may be too advanced for their level. Where do you find suggestions? Twitter, of course! Check out this #hashtag.

5. #mlearning

Learning can happen anywhere! Thanks to their mobile devices, your students have access to an unlimited world of knowledge. You just have to teach them how to responsibly use these devices. With #mlearning, you can follow the progress of this trend. You can also share your tips with other teachers, or share a moment of your students being engaged in mobile learning.

6. #edgap

An educational gap? Is that possible in the 21st century? Unfortunately, the educational system still hasn’t found a solution for it. The resources under #edgap will help you get informed about this issue and minimize it within your classroom.

7. #globaled

Teachers have to inform themselves about global learning experiences. Through this #hashtag, you’ll get a glimpse in educational processes in various countries. You can connect with teachers from all over the world. Plus, you’ll discover the power of global education - a learning experience with no boundaries.

8. #teaching

This is a general #hashtag for educators and experts who share tips on teaching. You’ll find news and links to articles that are relevant to teachers. If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your methods and engage your students on a deeper level, you’ll get tons of ideas here.

9. #teacherproblems

There’s nothing that students appreciate more than a teacher with a good sense of humor. You’d also appreciate fellow educators who crack you up every day, right? Well, you’ll find them if you explore this #hashtag. It’s about sharing the problems teachers face, but in a humorous way. Join the fun!

10. #tweatre

You can explore this #hashtag together with your students. It’s about theatre, poetry, culture, and reading. You’ll see what students from other schools are doing. You’ll see what theaters are offering. You can also share the progress of your own students while rehearsing for a play.

11. #grammar

Did you know that many students were relying on the best essay writing services because they have problems with English grammar? This is especially common for non-native speakers. This #hashtag can make grammar more accessible for your students. It will even make it fun. You’ll find rules and mistakes presented in a visual way or through practical sentences. Mignon Fogarty from Grammar Girl is a regular on this #hashtag.

12. #artsed

Take photos of your students’ art and showcase it under #artsed! Take the time to explore what students from all around the world are creating. This can inspire your students to push the limits of their creativity.

13. #science

Wondering about how to make science classes interesting? How about sharing interesting news? Instead of Googling or browsing through news websites, use explore #science on Twitter. You’ll get access to great content in a matter of minutes.

14. #astronomy

Your students will be mesmerized by the universe when you present astronomy concepts in an intriguing way. The resources you find through this #hashtag will help you do that. NASA and the Astronomy Magazine regularly use it to share big news.

15. #ebooks

You want to inspire your students to read more, but you can’t impose the expense of getting new books? Why don’t you explore #ebooks on Twitter? It will lead you to a wealth of free ebooks to choose from. Read through this feed and make a list of recommendations for your students. 

Are you ready to start using Twitter as a smart teacher? We just gave you 15 #hashtags to explore. You definitely have a good starting point! 

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