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Using engaging videos on current events and student-tailored topics, our weekly prompts will provide journal and writing activities your class will love!

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Columbus Lesson Plans

3-5: Columbus' Crew

Pretend it is the year 1492 and you are joining Christopher Columbus on his journey to find a different route to Asia. Write a good-bye letter...

4th of July Video Lesson

K-5: Exploding with National Pride

Fireworks can have different shapes and ways of exploding. Design your own firework to represent America on the 4th of July. Draw it on...

Video Writing Prompts: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

3-5: Food Frenzy

Food is a big part of Thanksgiving. While traditional Thanksgiving feasts include turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, the holiday could use some new...

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Basic arithmetic problems are just so much sweeter with a chocolate chunk twist.

As the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson oversaw the Louisiana Purchase, authorized the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and wrote the Declaration of Independence.
Explore the life and contributions of Thomas Jefferson, and celebrate the birthday of this extraordinary historic figure with activities that teach his biography, and look at his tenure as President.

With this brief history of Valentine's Day, your students will consider the origins and traditions of other holidays.

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eLearnAssignments is a new website with interactive assignments for students. Their daily reading comprehension & online research lessons are perfect for test prep and 21st century skills.