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Teaching Strategies to Become a Memorable Educator

Janelle Cox

What separates the mediocre teachers from the memorable ones? For me, the most memorable teachers are the ones that are knowledgeable, use teaching strategies that motivate us to do better, and encourage us to learn. They are the ones that take a genuine interest in everything that we do. They inspire us, and know how to make their lessons fun and interesting. The most memorable teachers have an undeniable love for learning and can easily make a lasting impression that will stay with us forever. Ultimately, they are the ones that impact our lives in ways that we could have never imagined. Think back to when you were a child in school. What qualities did your favorite teachers have? Were they passionate about their job? Fair? Caring? Encouraging? Do you think they somehow helped to shape the values and beliefs that you have today? There are many teaching strategies that teachers use that can make them a truly memorable educator. Here are a few teaching strategies that can help you make a lasting impression on your students.

Teaching Strategies that Use Encouragement

Memorable teachers are encouraging. They motivate their students to set goals for themselves and inspire them to do anything that they set their mind to. They encourage students to try hard and always do their very best. Your simple words of encouragement can move a child from the bottom of the totem pole to the top. This encouragement can be the significant force that drives students to succeed in not only school, but beyond.

Make a Connection with Your Students

Making a connection with your students is one of the best ways to form a solid relationship with them. Find a way to understand your students so you can build a deeper connection with them. Taking a few minutes of your time each day to get to know each student will show them that you are dedicated to your job and that care about them. Even something as simple as remembering their nickname or favorite sport will show them that you are invested in them. The deeper your connection, the more memorable you will become.

Always Be Approachable

In a traditional classroom setting, the teacher’s desk is placed in the front of the classroom facing the students. This can be very intimidating for children. Try and situate yourself (or your desk) so that students feel comfortable to come to you. Make it so you are easily approachable and open to listen to any questions or concerns that students may have. Move about the classroom and take the time to make each student feel that what they have to say is important and validated. Be open and willing to let students express their opinions and views. Sometimes the teachers that make the biggest impact on a student’s life are the ones that not only care about their education, but the actual student as well.

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Be Passionate about Your Job

One of the main characteristics that a memorable teacher must possess is passion in what they are teaching. They have to have a vast knowledge of their subject and love to share this knowledge with their students. In order to be an effective teacher, you need knowledge. But in order for you to stand out, you need to be passionate about that knowledge. This passion can inspire your students and can also be quite infectious.

Be an Inspiration

A great teacher is someone who can motivate and inspire others to do better or learn more. I remember a saying that I heard from one of my mentor teachers back in college. She said, “A good teacher will spoonfeed their students the information, but a great teacher will give them a spoon and show them how to feed themselves.” What I learned is that in order to be a true inspiration to your students, you must be willing to share yourself. This means sharing your passion and love for learning. This can make a great impact on your students and inspire them to become lifelong learners.

Teachers are often the people that inspire us the most. They are the ones that assist us on the path to a successful education and life. And sometimes, the teachers that make the biggest impression on us during our schooling are the ones that push us to do our best. The teachers that we once thought were so hard on us turned out to be the one that made us who are today. You may have not known it then, but looking back, you can see the impact that teacher had on you, and how it affected your future. Be that memorable teacher for your students.

What qualities do you think a memorable teacher must possess? Share your thoughts and teaching strategies in the comment section below, we would love to hear what you have to say.

Janelle Cox is an education writer who uses her experience and knowledge to provide creative and original writing in the field of education. Janelle holds Masters of Science in Education from the State University of New York College at Buffalo. She is a contributing writer to, TeachHUB Magazine, and Hey Teach. She was also the Elementary Education Expert for for five years. You can follow her on Twitter @Empoweringk6ed, on Facebook at Empowering K6 Educators, or contact her at

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