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Teachers, Play Fair with ClassTools

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Teachers, Play Fair with ClassTools I don't know about you, but I always want to be sure that I am playing fair in my classroom. It takes a lot of practice to actively engage students, call on random students and keep the pace of the lessson. ClassTools can help you do this for free!


By using the Random Name or Word Picker tool, fairness comes with one click of the mouse.


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Simply stop by ClassTools, then type in the names of your students, or copy and paste the list you already have, then click on the Save button to save the 'webpage' to your desktop that is the quickest way to use this tool.

If you have a class website, then you can choose the second button and grab the embed code and make this tool a part of your website or blog or wiki.


Finally, if you click on the samples button, you will find 20 subjects with 17 different templates you can view to see what other educators around the world are using in their classrooms. makes other interactive instructional tools that you can put to use in your classroom. They are FREE to teachers and no sign in or registration required! Here are some of my favorites:

This is just one of the many Web 2.0 tools that can make teaching a little bit easier.


Web 2.0 means that this tool is part of the read/write web. Instead of reading and comprehending, as you are in this article, you will go to and actually add your own data, save, and in an instant you will have created something on your own, by following the steps for using this template. was created by Russel Tarr. He also created ActiveHistory which has tons of games, interviews and lessons for World History.


What sites do you use in your classroom? Share in the comments section!