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Cool Teacher Infographics


If you're like me, data makes you drowsy. To wake up your boring stats and have important info make an impression, infographics are the way to go.


While great as a learning tool, they can also illuminate some hard-hitting issues in education. Check out these teacher-related infographics!


Infographics source: Education.

Teachers Are Heroes Infographic

Get the quick facts to support your claim that you and your fellow teachers are heroes. You've got the numbers and some awesome examples to back it up.


Cool Teacher Infographics

Teaching to the Test Infographic

Get the eye-catching info on testing and its impact since No Child Left Behind was enacted, including some alarming stats regarding cheating.


Cool Teacher Infographics

Teacher Pay Infographic

Get the down-and-dirty data on teacher pay. You may find out that more people are in your corner than you thought.


Cool Teacher Infographics
by SodaHead

Teacher Support Infographic

Get honest answers about what teachers really want and need to succeed in the classroom.


Cool Teacher Infographics

Anatomy of a Teacher Infographic

Get the stats on teacher demograpics, who they are, where they teach and some additional random facts.



Do you have any favorite educational or teaching infographics? Share in the comments section!

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