How much time do you spend grading a week?
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I teach Special Education and don't have very many kids.

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Assignments get their assignmenst stamped to show they were (fairly/substantially) complete when due. Then we go over the sheet & kids fill in & correct. A stamped sheet earns 10 points, a COMPLETED but unstamped worksheet earns 7 points. This puts the onus on the kid, but also rewards the life skill of "on time". Plus, many assignment worksheets are practice, & therefore I don't expect them to do a perfect job. So I reward the practice. This leads to quick recording of 10 or 7 for assignment grades. (Obviously I do grade tests)

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We are on a 6 week grading period. Many of our parents are "helicopters" and are concerned when I only have 14 - 15 grades per grading period. (We send a progress report at 3 weeks - so grades are available every three weeks.) I teach Language Arts (7th grade) and spend a lot of time correcting writing assignments. I have the MOST tolerable husband in the world as I have been doing this for 25 years!!

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I teach 6 year long business classes

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I grade for 6-8 hours every weekend... five preps and an advisory period!

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I teach preschool ages 2.9-4.0 and the assessment tools used to make sure the children are meeting the academic and developmental goals is so intense that weekly it is at least 1-2 hours a day but by the time final progress report come every 3 months it is at least an hour per child times the class number which for me will be an entire 24 hour period.