What are you most looking forward to this school year?
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Melanie's picture

The end of the school year. This would place me that much closer to retirement

Cecil Haywood's picture

I can agree with the poll. Because the more students we meet, the more chances we have to make this world a better place. Being able to teach is very rewarding. I LOVE TO TEACH.

ehackett's picture

Excited about teaching new stuff. Last year was just basic keyboarding and a few software applications - this year it is Voki, Prezzi, Edmodo, Edublogs, Creating avatars and much much more.

KayBorglum.com's picture

I am looking forward to the challenge of VERY limited copy budget and starting SCIENCE GRAFFITTI on the desks. Students use a black dry erase marker to respond. They love this. An extra 3 minutes is needed at the end of class to wash the desk, but very much worth it with the level of student engagement. It sparks their interest across the grade levels I teach in middle school.

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