What factor should have the most weight in teacher evaluations?
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Student Growth

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How can you measure this?

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Student growth...but not test results...

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Like any profession, you need to look at teacher performance holistically with each performance factor receiving equal weight.

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I once had a principal tell me I needed to work on my Classroom Mang. because when she was observing me the students were up moving around and "thinking" outloud. **Which is what I WANTED them to do!!!! I wish she had sat down and discussed the observation with me BEFORE she filled it out.

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Holistic. Some admin may be more subjective than objective. Test scores aren't everything. You can have a horrible teachers and have really smart students. Some school districts or individual classes with revolving doors make using student scores hard. Peer review would work if the school has that culture (which mine does), but some schools have teachers who keep to themselves.Outside observers may not understand teaching profession.

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All factors should be weighted equally. Student growth should be added, and "outside observers" should be from within the profession (i.e. an educator who knows NOTHING about the teacher being observed). Unfortunately, some administrators have an agenda so any observations completed by a peer on a staff can be biased. Obviously, this shouldn't happen, but it does. Student surveys aren't always realistic....especially if a teacher is tough...or too easy.

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Student growth and a combination of other forms of input - including Peer, Admin, Student/
Parent surveys, and self-assessment/evaluation.

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A teacher evaluation is very complex. All of these elements need to be accounted for. A teacher can be great in the class but have horrible relationships with the community or vice versa. Some teachers are not that great at the craft of teaching but they certainly do many other wonderful things for kids outside the classroom. In the end, as long as a teacher is willing to learn and has the moral purpose to care about kids and put their needs first, their instruction will improve because they will want to do better. Administrators are not the enemy. Sometimes teachers don't want to hear what an administrator has to say because they are not ready for the message. Teachers having peer evaluations is absurd. Most teachers have no idea what another teacher is like in the classroom and base their decisions of colleagues on how much they personally like that person. You can be a good person but not a great teacher. The difficulty is what makes a teacher a great teacher is their moral purpose. How do you evaluate that.

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Where does class discipline end and perceived harassment start?

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