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Teacher Website Tools
By: Putting Ed Tech Into Practice
One really handy type of website allows you to copy and paste or type in text and then share a custom URL with people. I have had to use a site like...
Teacher Stress Tips
By: Outside the Box Teaching Ideas
While I have so much more to do before T-day (teaching day), I decided that I definitely need a little “ME” time before the year sucks me in and I am...
Free Teacher Resources for Core Subjects
By: Putting Ed Tech Into Practice
Here is my annual list of my favorite online teaching resources, divided by subject.Some of these might be old, or shared elsewhere, but I wanted to...
Optimistic Teacher
By: Steve Moore, The Optimistic Educator
If you're not careful, hope can become synonymous with foolishness. Ignoring the facts is never a recipe for success, even if reality seems too dire...
Teaching Digital Citizenship
By: Teach on the Edge
Some teachers claims that they don't have time to teach digital citizenship. I get it... the Common Core-state tests-AP/IB/SAT/ACT madness eats up so...
Teacher Foldables
By: Special Ed Resource Room
Have you ever used a foldable in your classroom? I love them, but recently learned that not every teacher has been introduced to the wonderful world...
Teacher Myths
By: Science Under the Microscope
Because of the somewhat mythical nature of the first weeks of school, there exist many "old wives' tales" and bits of wisdom that are constantly...
Differentiated Instruction
By: Teach on the Edge
We have all been there...sitting in the classroom of a professional development workshop or in the audience at a conference, listening to someone...
Classroom Design
By: Outside the Box Teaching Ideas
Classroom designs are as unique as fingerprints; no two classrooms are the same.   With the new school year ahead of us, this is a great time to...
By: Laura Candler, TeachHUB Blogger
Cooperative learning can be a powerful tool for energizing a classroom, motivating students, and raising achievement. However, it's not always easy...


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