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iPads in the Classroom
By: Web20Classroom Blog
One question that comes into my inbox or on Twitter a lot lately is one dealing with iPads. Many schools and classrooms all over are investing in...
By: Laura Candler, TeachHUB Blogger
Dry erase boards are an awesome tool for instruction, but they do require a certain amount of organization and management.   Here are some helpful...
Teacher Giveaway
By: TeachHUB Blog
To celebrate the holiday season, TeachHUB will give away a TeachHUB t-shirt and a mug every school day from December 5th - 21st. Find out how to...
By: TeachHUB Blog
Congratulations to Kirsten Guerra, our Best Dressed Teacher Contest winner! She rallied to 51% of the more than 3 million votes. Kristen is sharing a...
By: The ABCs of Classroom Accessibility
Ready to add published author to the resume of you AND your students? That's no problem with the new web tool I discovered.   ePubBud is my new...
Diigo Education
By: Web20Classroom Blog
Recently, I was asked why do I use Diigo for my social bookmarking tool. The more I thought about it the more I needed to write about all the great...
By: Methods & Management for Middle School
In trying to teach figurative language, I usually run into the problem of metaphor. Middle school students have a horrible time wrapping their heads...
Teaching Digital Storytelling
By: Digital Media in the Classroom
It amazes me sometimes how much our broadcast journalism students focus on just the action of a story. Now, don’t misunderstand me. The action...
By: Putting Ed Tech Into Practice
Entering the third month of being back in the classroom has opened my eyes to a lot about how I could have done things differently in years past and...
By: Teach on the Edge
We frequently hear the expression “standards-based”, but lately I have been pondering the idea of letting the standards lead, quite literally. In...


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