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By: Bronx Classroom Tales
When I think about how schools mentor and "grade" teachers, it always surprises me that we seem to ignore the recognized assessment strategies we use...
Mock Congress Assignment
By: Putting Ed Tech Into Practice
To shake up our traditional "How a Bill Becomes a Law" projects, our freshman classes conducted a Mock Congress to simulate the legislative process...
Online Learning Myths
By: Teach on the Edge
I spend most of my time teaching online to students in a brick-and-mortar school, so I also spend a great deal of time clarifying what it is and isn’...
Differentiated Teaching Strategies
By: Outside the Box Teaching Ideas
In this teacher blog, Myree shares her strategies for teaching students who need extra attention, including students with ADD/ADHD, behavior...
Social Media in the Classroom
By: Digital Media in the Classroom
I recently read a blog entry on the frustration that more teachers don't use social media in their classrooms. The writer, a recent college graduate...
By: Science Under the Microscope
As this time of year rolls around, I have to admit to getting a little excited about some of the gifts that students and their families give in...
By: Teach on the Edge
"Academic skills are certainly important, but the kind of citizens we produce is the real common core." Agree or disagree? This real teacher blogger...
By: Ed Tech Made Easy
How many of your emails and handouts have gone unread and unremembered? Probably more than you’d like to admit. Well, I’ve got a new resource for you...
2011 Education Videos
By: Digital Media in the Classroom
Another year is coming to a close. And with the New Year approaching, it’s a great time to reflect on topics and issues that impacted our learning in...
Social Media History Lessons
By: Putting Ed Tech Into Practice
As part of my duties as a social studies teacher, I am teaching Government for the next 12 weeks.  We started our investigation into the Constitution...


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