Did/will you use the Super Bowl as a teachable moment in your classroom?
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Michelle Kennedy's picture

I used several commercials to intro my 8th grade visual culture unit.

Suzanne VanEmburgh's picture

I created an assignment on the use of persuasion and propaganda. Kids watched the commercials, picked their favorites, and briefly wrote responses related to techniques used by marketers to sell products.

Sunrisesoup's picture

I generally use the commercials as a basis for discussions or interactive lessons in critical thinking, marketing, psychology, and being an informed and wise consumer.

Don Breedwell's picture

We used it to predict the outcome and then we counted the number of predictions. The winners got to wear their paper NYG helmets home on Monday! (This was a Kindergarten application)

Betsy Nahas's picture

Football is all about physics. Conservation of momentum is all about collisions.

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