Space Lessons: Remembering the Moon Landing




K-2: Your Moon Games

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The Apollo 11 astronauts hit a golf ball on the moon and left an American flag. If you could bring one thing to the moon OR do one thing on the moon, what would it be? Why?

3-5:  Planning NASA's Next Mission

What should NASA's next mission be? Write a letter to NASA sharing your mission idea and give 3 reasons why they should choose it.

6-8: Countdown Journal

Imagine that you are an astronaut on board a space shuttle. Write a one-paragraph monologue of what you would be thinking during the launch countdown.

9-12: The Value of Space Exploration

Landing on the moon was a major moment in the history of exploration. Is it important for people to continue devoting tremendous amounts of time, effort and money to explore the world outside our planet, solar system or even galaxy? Why or why not?

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