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Share Your Favorite Teacher WebsitesAs a new feature on the site, we'd like to let teachers share their favorite websites for school, whether it be for

  • lesson plan ideas
  • learning games
  • amazing blogs
  • grant and donations sites
  • online ed tech software
  • any site you just love and think other teachers would love

A few of my favorites are:


This is an everyday stop for me to reaad the latest teacher blogs from across the net. You can upload your blog from other sites too, so get your blog on TeacherLingo and share in the fun!


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Brainpop features animated videos on a range of topics, mostly K-8 but some higher up. There's also a teacher community with supplemental lessons and ideas on how to make the most of Animoto's videos.

They also have a ESL beta page worth checking out!


This ed news site focuses on ed tech, with the latest developments, trends and studies in learning styles.


With a quick photo upload, you can have a slideshow video with titles and music in a few minutes. It's a great way to get students attention and appeal to visual learners with little effort.

“Animoto is a magically-easy way to grab attention... and create new visual contexts.”— Joyce Valenza Ph.D

Jeopardy Quiz Game 

This one I haven't used yet, but my friends are all about it. It's quiz software online, so you can fill in review questions and make your jeopardy game. You can also search previously-made games that fit your unit.

Unlike the powerpoint versions, this has sound effects, scoring and is just really fun.

Please post your favorite websites in the comments sections!