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A Seuss for All Ages

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A Seuss for All AgesThere really is a Seuss for all ages... 


I just learned that Dr. Seuss was a major political cartoonist during World War II. He also did animation for the Army... who knew the army had an animation/film department (I have a feeling this might get trimmed during Obama's next budget audit)?


Since this week is Dr. Seuss' birthday, it is the perfect opportunity to bring Seuss back into the middle and high school classrooms. You can learn about political cartooning and World War II with a familiarity and playfulness that all kids recognize as Seussical.


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Check out this video compiling his cartoons or visit PBS's The Political Dr. Seuss page for stills and explanations OR ready-made lesson plans.

What's your favorite Dr. Seuss work? Share in the comments section!

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