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Secrets of Helping Parents Keep Their Child Organized

Janelle Cox

Helping Parents Keep Their Child OrganizedThere is only so much a teacher can do to provide the right tips for a disorganized student. When school lets out, it is up to the parents to take over. It is essential that you form an alliance with the parents, and show the disorganized student that you are all in it together. 

Share the following tips at your next parent-teacher meeting to help transform your disorganized student into an organized one.

Organizing a Homework Folder

For homework to be completed successfully, a daily folder should come to, and from, school each day. A good assignment folder should have dividers separating subjects, a form for parents to sign that their child completed their homework, and a checklist that clearly defines what is expected of them. An additional checklist can be provided to help the student organize their homework folder.


___ I completed the assignment for ____.

___ I checked to make sure there was no homework in ____.

___ I have all the materials needed for _____.

Organizing a Quiet Study Space

It is up to the parents and the student to find a quiet space for homework to be completed in. This should be a room that is only used for homework and is free of visual distractions. This space needs to have all the essential items to be able to complete assignments (books, paper, pencils, calculator, etc.). Help parents establish a routine that will work for their child's learning style. For example, some students do best after they eat a snack, while others do their best by completing assignments right after school. Whichever way works well for the student is fine, as long as they to stick to the routine.

Organizing Students' Time with a Planner

A daily planner will help disorganized students keep track of all of their daily tasks. It can be used to draft out homework assignments, class schedules, after school activities, play time, etc. This valuable tool should be taken home each day for parents to check due dates and important school events. Students should be encouraged to add sports dates, school vacations and club dates to the planner. Having all of their daily tasks organized into one notebook will help a disorganized student manage their obligations.  

Provide Weekly Organizing Sessions

Just like students have to clean out their desks at school, they should do the same with their belongings at home. Encourage parents to have their child clean out and organize their backpack, homework folder, and study space weekly. They can try and make it fun by playing music or offering a special treat as a reward.

Set and Reward Goals

Rome wasn't built in a day, so it's going to take time for a disorganized student to change their patterns and learn how to lead an organized life. Work with parents to set appropriate goals for their child, and reward the student for their success. 

Parents and teachers together can help change a disorganized child's pattern of learning, studying and managing their time. These strategies will give students the tools they need to successfully lead an organized life.


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