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The Secret Password to Online Security

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width=300Passwords are the bane of my existence! Here are some tricks I've found to keep your online identity secure.

I remember having a password that I would remember forever and using it for everything, including paying bills and banking. Wow, I would never do that today! Nor should you.

One of the biggest password scandals this past year involved a politician, who had email broken into. How did this happen?

Secure Your Security Question 

If you sign up for most sites where security is an issue, new email, banking, etc. you will want to set up your user name, your secure password and MAKE UP YOUR OWN SECURITY QUESTION!! Why? Well if you look at the standard questions, it is mostly made up of public information, your mother's maiden name, your first school teacher, your pet's name, your favorite color, or some answers that could easily be cracked. So, please, please make up your own security question from now on. 

Creating a Safe Password

Now, the next thing to do is have a few really good passwords. You can have a user name and password for your online registrations for Web 2.0 tools. You should have a very secure user name and even more secure password for any bill paying or online banking.

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How can you determine really secure passwords? Usually a very secure password will include numbers, letters and special characters. An even better way is to make up a sentence and use the first letter of each work to generate your password.

Here is an example: Teaching is the best profession I laugh and share each day. Here is my password I would create from this sentence:  t1tbp1l&sed. This trick can help you remember seemingly random passwords!

Change Passwords Quarterly

The final step I am taking is I change my password seasonally. I go through and make password changes when the seasons change. The bottom line, I have changed the way I manage my online world. I have secure passwords. I have multiple passwords. I change passwords seasonally. Good luck!

Still need more password protection help: check out PCTools Guide to have your password selected for you or to generate a password based on a sentence of your creation.

What are your online security tips? Share in the comments section!