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Professional development???? What's that??? We have not had that for 2 years now

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What PD? And unsupportive to attending a day or two at outside grants to get PDS.

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I am so tired of not having leadership that can lead a staff in PD! I say the heck with PD and let us stay in the classroom and teach!

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We are not given any options to pick, research and/or choose our PD. We even volunteered to take the PD after school on our OWN time, then they wouldn't have to hire subs...we just wanted the right to CHOOSE the PD...the answer: NOPE! We have this one PD workshop that is run by a consultant...we have been complaining to our principal for TWO YEARS that she is a waste of money (she comes about 8 times a year)...the result? They signed ANOTHER contract with her for two more years!!! (Mind you we fired 8 teachers this year and 45 staff members last year cause there is no money...but there is always money for PD that NOBODY wants!)

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Incredulous! And yet,after 35 years of teaching, I believe you!

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It is often called training for K-6 but in reality not relevant to K-1. So I get used to tuning it out and they sneak in something that is relevant, which I miss, becuase I am tuned out. There are many things that would be great for K-1, separte us out and give us the good stuff!

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I know how the 1st grade teacher feels... Teaching in a K-8 school and that means that K-6 get all the attention... and lets not talk about being a content teacher in a subject not directly tested on state tests... never get any type of consideration for PD.

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