Will you celebrate Halloween in your school/class?
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My students have the opportunity to earn two parties per year...Halloween and Valentines Day.

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Due to religious purposes, we call our Halloween party Fall Harvest. That way my students who are Jehovah Witnesses,or any other religion can participate. We use indiviually wrapped treats, etc. No cooked treats because if students get sick from a parent's cooking, the teacher ill be held responsible. The students enjoy having parties. They celebrate Halloween, Valentine's Day and Christmas. We also have birthday parties given by the students' parents.

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There's lot of ways to have fun with "Halloween" even if you aren't having a party or dressing up. As librarian I am teaching map skills as well as literature - folktales, legends, foreshadowing, etc. Our project, we learn the geographical layout of the state and the DOT map: Students are given cards with town & ghost legend and they find the town. This lesson grows and grows.

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