Have you caught any cheaters this year?
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Ms. Mary P.'s picture

Not only have I caught a few cheating on tests, but I have found many copying each other's homework (written work & answers). What bothers me is that they don't understand that it is a form of cheating---for both students involved!

Karen's picture

The students don't seem to understand that cheating in ANY form is wrong. I just don't get it.

Ms. Dianne S.'s picture

I too have found students copying homework. I believe that unless they do the homework themselves....they will continue to copy tests. This is mainly because they lack the self-confidence to work under pressure,............so they copy.
But then, I'm "singing to the choir" on this comment.

Ms. B.T.'s picture

I just found out a student paid $20 to another student for a copy of her essay; it wasn't even a term paper or report. I've caught students turning in computer assignments that were duplicates of their friend's files. They didn't even change the originators name in the header. How blatant is that...?

deaggie's picture

I had a student who didn't ' turn in an assignment but he told me he turned it in and I returned it to him without a grade on it. When I asked him to see it, he pulled it from his binder and it didn't have his name on it. I asked him how I knew it was his when his name wasn't on it.

Karen's picture

That's good stuff. I've had many tell me that I graded it and returned homework. I always tell them to keep work because that can happen with the computerized grade book. When I ask to see the graded work so I can enter it, they suddenly can't find it. Then they ask to look in the "no name box." Why would it be there? When it magically isn't there, either, I just smile and remind them missing assignments are graded at 10% off per day.

Brenda Collins's picture

Sadly, cheating is on the rise due to what I beleive is the decline of the family unit. Many kids do not have constant, knowledgeable role models and do not see that cheating is wrong at all. Their homelife has a dramatic impact of the emphasis kids put on learning. Too many kids are sent to us without any family unit to support and/or encourage them along their educational path. Thus our challenge of impacting a young mind in a mere 55 minutes a day is off and running.

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