Spelling City iPad App Review

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SpellingCity is a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing one of the seven engaging learning games using a word list that the students choose themselves, with the ability to download additional lists at any time.

Spelling TestMe is an online spelling test that reads each word aloud, uses it in a sentence, and repeats the word. Children can take each test at their own pace and receive their grade instantly when the test is complete.

HangMouse is a fun spin on the age-old popular game of hangman. Kids enjoy trying to guess the word before the cat gets the mouse.

TeachMe is a introduces new words to students. The app reads the word aloud, spells it out and uses it in a sentence.

MatchIt Sentences teaches children to match each spelling word to a sentence that fits it best.

WhichWord? Sentences is a multiple-choice game that allows children to choose from four words to determine which word best completes a sentence.

Sentence Unscramble helps students understand proper sentence structure by unscrambling words.

Vocabulary TestMe is an online multiple choice vocabulary test.

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