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Reaping Reading Rewards with ReadWriteThink

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Some websites offer so much it could take all month to investigate the site, then another month to write about all the wonderful features.


ReadWriteThink is one of those amazing websites, so hopefully my exploration can lead your way!


ReadWriteThink is a collaboration of the NCTE, National Council of Teachers of English and IRA, International Reading Association. They have a wealth of resources for the classroom.


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When you first approach the page there are four categories that present some very extensive drop down menus specific to Classroom Resources, Professional Development, About Us and Parent and Afterschool Resources.

Reaping Reading Rewards with ReadWriteThink

Under Classroom Resources, there are lesson plans for the classroom educator which include the standards, daily lessons, resources, printouts, assessments, and something called student interactives.

The student interactives allow for students to use technology to create their brainstorm activities, crossword puzzles, poetry generators and to play games about reading and English.

Sample Student Interactives

Here is an example of using the ReadWriteThink Webbing Tool  

Reaping Reading Rewards with ReadWriteThink

I chose to organize my thoughts about Earth Day and what it means to me. I added text to the circles, then organized and connected them with the connector arrows. Once all the information has been added to the interactive, then there is a button to finish and print the diagram. This is a great way for a student to organize or for an adult to capture the vocabulary and organization for the student, print, and the student has a road map to get started.


This example for Fact Fragment Frenzy has a short video demo for the students to watch on how to grab the facts after reading a paragraph. Then there are 6 worksheets where your students can practice the skill.

Reaping Reading Rewards with ReadWriteThink

However, my favorite part of this website recognizes the important work that parents and after school organizations provide as shared partners in educating and supporting our youth. This drop down menu provides a slew of activities categorized by grade level.

In the Chatting About Books section, Think Peace was the first to catch my eye. I listened as Anne Sibley O’Brien discussed her book and how she worked with her son to publish this book. It was fascinating!

After Gandhi: One Hundred Years of Nonviolent Resistance

Authors: Anne Sibley O’Brien and Perry Edmond O’Brien

Reaping Reading Rewards with ReadWriteThink

All this and it is only a glimpse of a few options this website has. Head on over and check it out for yourself. This website will keep your reading centers full of exciting and reliable resources for a entire year. There are resources for all grades from kindergarten to twelve grade.

After you visit ReadWriteThink, come back and leave let everyone know your favorite part of the website in the comments section!