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Quiz: Identify Your Ed Tech Intelligence

Ed Tech Quiz


How does your ed tech prowess stack up with your fellow teachers? Take the Ed Tech Intelligence quiz to find out!

1. Where do you get your news?

a.         Newspaper and radio

b.         Online

c.         Following CNN on facebook and twitter apps

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2. How do you keep track of grades?

a.         By hand in your gradebook

b.         Excel spreadsheet or online gradebook

c.         Auto-grading for quizzes and tests via your class Blackboard or Moodle site  



3. What movie would you most like to watch?

a.         The Karate Kid

b.         Toy Story 3

c.         Inception



4. Visual aids in your classroom are most likely:

a.         Posters & manipulatives

b.         A mix of things I bring into the classroom & Power Point presentations

c.         Live feeds or skyping with labs, museums, etc. OR whatever interactive lessons and game you’re using on your interactive white board



5. What’s your favorite educational magazine?

a.         Highlights

b.         Ed Week and eSchoolnews (in print or online)

c.         Who reads magazines anymore? I follow my favorite sites via twitter, Facebook & Pinterest


6. How do you search for lessons?

a.         In your tried and true binder of worksheets, quizzes and unit activities

b.         Google and a few fave lesson plan websites (including TeachHUB!)

c.         Downloading templates off SMART exchange and asking your PLN for ideas



7. To you, kindle means:

a.         How you start a fire

b.         A digital reader

c.         The future of classroom libraries


8. What can you do on your cell phone?

a.         Make calls

b.         Talk, text and take pictures

c.         More than you can do on your computer



9. How do you communicate with parents, other teachers or admin?

a.         Notes home and inter-office memos

b.         Email

c.         Via classroom blog, website or wiki



10. How did you hear about TeachHUB?

a.         From colleagues in the teachers lounge

b.         From an email

c.         Social networking


If you answered mostly c, you’re an: Triumphant Techie

Congrats on being a foremost expert on ed tech tools! You’re truly ahead of the curve when it comes to all things SMART, iEducational and 2.0-tastic.


With all this virtual knowledge, it’s tempting to engage with every technology and utilize every tool out there. Don’t forget to detach yourself from the cyber-world and interact with your students on a personal level.


If you answer mostly b, you’re an: All Tech in Moderation

You’re clearly adept at using technology when it suits you, but don’t let it rule your classroom. It’s all about the students and what works best for them, whether it’s an old school classic or a next generation tech.


Don’t forget to keep on top of new trends and tech to drive success and make your life a little easier. You can find some great tools on the Web20Classroom Blog or search "ed tech" in the TeachHUB search (upper righthand corner) for the latest tips, free ed tech resources and recommentdations.


If you answer mostly a, you’re an: Technophobic Teacher

You may have mastered every tried and true instructional strategy, but you can’t close your eyes to the Digital Revolution forever.


It’s time try to keep up with your students and the new medium surrounding us all. To get started, check out the Top 12 Ways to Use Technology in Your Classroom, Even for Technophobic Teachers.

How do you identify tech-savvy teachers? Share in the comments section!