Put Some Pop in Your Team Building Workshop

At a recent in-service presentation on team building for teachers, educators got to put some pop into their professional development training.

Check out the video to see how:


Team Building with the Long John Activity

At the beginning of the day, all the teachers had numbers on their chairs. Everyone who had the same number would compete in numerous team building exercises with their new group.

One of the most fun activities (shown in the video above) is called the “Long John Activity.” The goal was to have one team member get into the long Johns, the rest of the team had to blow up the balloons and stuff as many as they could in the long johns and the team with the most popable balloons in the long johns were the winner.

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With such a silly objective, everyone let loose while still keeping a competitive edge and working together to out-pop the other team. It brought the community of teachers from James Monroe Elementary together with education motivational speaker Gail Fulford at the helm.

What some of the teachers at James Monroe Elementary had to say about this workshop:

The most useful thing I learned from this seminar is…
• Everything… this was auspicious!
• To learn how to deal with differentiation
• A lot of activities to use with kids
• Some of my colleagues who I thought were sticks in the mud actually can relax and have fun!
• Our faculty has lots in common
• Opening up and more closely relating to others
• How someone’s personality is part of everything they do…even me.

Would you recommend this seminar to a colleague? Why or Why Not?
• Yes, because you learned how different people behave depending on their motivation
• Yes, it’s interesting
• Yes, activities were chosen based on comfort of participants
• Yes, it’s different and fun
• Yes, lots of fun and hands on activities that can be used
• Yes, working as a team is important in every work environment making team building extremely important
• Yes, great fun
• Yes, so fun I didn’t want to go to the bathroom

This featured in-service professional development day was coordinated by the K-12 Teachers Alliance. Contact us to book an in-service speaker!