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Teaching students with learning and behavioral disabilities requires continual training and endless patience. All teacher can benefit from discovering teaching methods that help students overcome barriers to learning and succeed in the classroom.


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  • TeachHUB.com advisors can help you
    customize seminars to fit your school, district and teachers' needs
  • Established seminars can be brought to your school or district
  • Wide variety of speakers and topics
  • We work within your budget and schedule
  • Superior customer service and accessibility

TeachHUB Seminars Guarantee

  • 100% satisfaction - If you are not completely
    satisfied with the seminar, TeachHUB will refund your payment
  • Experienced, engaging speakers that understand the struggles facing educators
  • Strategies that are research-based and time-tested in the classroom
  • Practical information you can use the next day in your classroom

Potential Seminars

Reaching Students with Autism & Other Sensory Disorders

Using Assistive Technologies to Create Multisensory Lessons

Co-Teaching in the Inclusion Classroom

Successful Behavior Management in the Resource Classroom

Reading Instruction Strategies for the Dyslexic Student

Strategies for Teaching Students with Communication Disorders

Who Should Attend:

  • K-12 teachers
  • Administrators
  • Student Teachers
  • Gifted Ed Staff
  • Mentors/leads
  • Inclusion facilitators
  • At-risk coordinators
  • Reading Specialists
  • Bilingual/ESL teachers
  • Instructional aids
  • Curriculum coordinators
  • Special Ed Staff
  • Department chairs

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