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I was wondering if there were any 1st grade teachers out there that wanted to penpal with me and two other 1st grade teachers? We all have about 23 students, more boys than girls. We are in Maryland and willing to penpal with anyone anywhere, as long as English is the main language.

My daughter is in 1st grade and I can ask her teacher. We are in Cooperstown, NY. My email address is nancy (at)

Thank you.

I am a student teacher in Albuquerque NM in a 1st grade class. We are also trying to do some penpals and I am looking into exchanging writing and Skype overseas as part of our Social Studies unit.

I am an assitant principal in Williamsburg, VA. We would love to skype with you class.

I teach 1st grade in Kansas and would love to get some sort of penpal or Skype activity started.

I am a fourth grade teacher. I am interested in skyping with a fourth grade class or becoming pen pals as well. If you don't mind could someone please check with their schools fourth grade teachers and if they are interested have them contact me . My email address is

Dear Andrea,
I am a 4th grade teacher in NYC, NY. I'm interested in my class having a pen-pal class for this year, particularly if you are from another part of the USA. My class will be talking politics a lot before Election Day, and I'm worried that their views are too monolithic. I'd love it if the conversation went in that direction.
We don't really learn keyboarding until the middle of the grade, so snail mail would be fine.
I have 16 students, but I teach two sections of social studies. I bet we could make something work.

Feel free to join my Pen Pals Who Write project. Over 90 teachers have signed up, and there are 1st grade teachers as well. Here is the link to the wiki :
There you will find information and the sign up form. Good Luck!

If you are still looking for 1st grade penpals, I would love to do this with your class. I teach first graders in southern California. I have 26 students. If you are interested, email me:

Hi Brenda, Did you have any luck finding a penpal class. We are looking for classes here in Richmond, Texas. However, we are 5th grade. I will be happy to check with other teachers at our school if you have not found a class yet. You can check our our projects that we have done with a class in the country of Georgia at our website.
Mrs. Esswein

I would really like to find my daughter (1st grader) a pinpal. Anyone interested?

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