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They can be a little of all three.It also depends on the student and parent. I just feel that the conferences are a necessary evil.

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P-T conferences are outdated. In today's world of technology parent conferences take place way to late in the school year. Teachers & parents should be meeting far earlier in the school year and then relying on technology to keep in touch throughout the rest of the year. Our school no longer sends out quarter report card so why wait until the quarter to meet with parents.

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I meet with parents during the first 3 weeks of school to update them of all the preliminary, diagnostic, and front-end testing that I do. I then apprise them of where their child should be and where we are going as a team to get them there. With the majority of the parents, I feel as if I am regurgitating information they already know. Again with most of them, I work alone towards my goals since they say they will do their part at home but they don't. I would rather just send the information home and be done with it. It seems like a waste of time to have parents in for a conference nowadays.

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I concur. Parents are so nonchalant about students' academics. I had a parent who needed to attend the PTC come and get the fundraiser candy orders and did not stop by to pick up their child's report card. Can you believe this?! They do not help at home and they have too many excuses why they cannot attend school functions. It makes me angry that we have to deal with these situations.

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conferences are necessary which can include all emotions

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Not sure how parents are going to feel about the reality of things??? Even though progress reports are sent home, it's more real when it's an actual report card.

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