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Online Collaboration Tools for 21st Century Learning

The ABCs of Classroom Accessibility

Educational technology is changing the way we teach and the objectives of classroom assignments. Online resources continue to emerge that offer new and exciting ways to teach and bring about new teaching standards. Online sharing is one way to meet collaboration standards and objectives for 21st Century learning.


It is important for all students to see the power of online collaboration and to learn the rules about collaborating with others.


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For young children, you can practice this in an online whiteboard space. A great resource is,an online whiteboard that is good for young students who are able to draw to explain their ideas. It also is great for brainstorming in groups using drawing tools as well as text. Here is an example where students drew things that were in their neighborhood.

Online Collaboration Tools for 21st Century Learning


To use this great resource, you first register at on their website. Once registered, you create a room, check the several options available, and share the link to your room. You can upload images, you can have multiple pages and you can save the chat transcript.

This online tool would be great for connecting two classrooms in a school, or district, or the world. It can also connect a home bound student to a class activity. As a registered guest, you can see this example of a locked room. As a locked room, no one else can add to it.


Another online collaboration tool I would like to introduce you to is called Wallwisher. It is great for students and adults who are able to write, but NOT more than 160 characters, so the challenge is that sentences must be thoughtful and SHORT. My students love this!

Below is an approved example.

Online Collaboration Tools for 21st Century Learning

You can view the full example here.

This first grade classroom teacher used this tool to get the student's families involved with classroom rules. Students worked with the teacher to post the class rules in kid-friendly language. Families were able to add their own understanding of the rule with their student. No homework papers to lose, no misunderstandings, and instant sharing!

Before using any online collaborative tool, be sure you have talked about internet safety, user names and passwords and strict non-sharing of personal information. Using Web 2.0 internet tools is awesome and engaging, but be safe out there!

What online collaboration tools do you use in your classroom? Share in the comments section below!