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By: John Davis Jr.
One teaching objective frequently used by administrators and educational evaluators is the old adage “Teach bell-to-bell.” Sometimes, however, this wise advice is easier given than done.   Teachers...
By: Kim Haynes
No teacher wants to believe her students are cheating, but they probably are. If the kids put half the time into studying that they put into figuring out how to cheat, there’d be a lot more “A”...
By: Pam Allyn
Many schools overlook the important task of nourishing writing in a child from an early age. Writing is as vital a skill to literacy as reading, but is often not treated as such.   Here is a strategy...
Teacher Inclusion strategies
If you are a teacher of students within an inclusion classroom, then you are probably a creative, caring, patient, innovative, resourceful, structured, and flexible person.   Here are 18 practical...
By: Brian Jenkins
While you may see Facebook as the enemy during your computer lab time, it doesn't have to be. Facebook can actually help students learn if you tap into the more than 200 Facebook applications...
By: Laura Candler, TeachHUB Blogger
One of my favorite classroom projects to build class unity is making tie dye t-shirts with my class. Not only does it bring everyone together, but it makes it easy to keep track of kids on field...
By: Laura Candler, TeachHUB Blogger
Contrary to popular belief, “active engagement” involves more than “hands-on” instruction.   When students are fully engaged in a task, they are actively doing and actively thinking. While hands...
By: Tom DeRosa
If you haven’t seen Inception, I won’t spoil it for you, but it revolves around a simple question: Is it possible to place an idea in someone’s head, so that they believe they came up with it...
By: Jennifer Dobson
As a teacher, you are to bound to eventually face confrontational situations with infuriated parents. Here are some tips on how to stay calm and cool while feeling the fury of these irate parents. 
School iPad Apps
By: Carrie Oakley
School librarians and teachers wear many hats at one time. Besides managing their space/classrooms, they also organize activities, reach out to the school community and enhance the feel of the...


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