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Getting Students Attention
By: Ignacio Lopez, Ed.D.
The science of attention teaches us that we tend to pay attention to what we have been taught to value and that we tend to be astonishingly blind to change until something disrupts our pattern and...
Snow Lesson Ideas
By: TeachHUB Blog
We recently had our first Chicago snow storm which meant digging out my car, an unpleasant drive to work and basically feeling soggy all morning. But I am determined to maintain a romanticized winter...
Inclusion Educator Checklist
Alto, baritone, soprano, and tenor offer different voices, but together they produce harmonious sounds. Inclusion, also composed of diverse but valuable collaborative voices, is intended to yield...
Virtual Field Trips
By: Meghan Mathis
Budget cuts, the need for an ever-increasing number of chaperones per student, and about a million other obstacles educators face every day are making class field trips a thing of the past. Virtual...
Quality Time with Students
By: Ron Coniglio
As teachers, we all try to establish that all important teacher/student relationship to engage students in learning and growing. Creating extra time for interaction beyond the instructional portion...
Need fun, constructive ways to use computer time?Need skill building exercises for students of all ages?Need drill-style activities for math, vocabulary, or geography? Here are some awesome online...
Behavior Management
By: Charity Preston
When facing classroom behavior problems, it can take a toll mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically! The worst part is how it disrupts learning for other students. No behavior management...
Positive Student Feedback
By: Rosshalde Pak
Who doesn’t want to think they are the most amazing thing ever?  Now imagine that the compliment you just received was also given to the 15 people closest to you. How would that make you feel?   For...
Current Events in the Classroom
By: Jinnie Spiegler
It's just as important to teach current events to young children as it is to teach young adults. This article offers suggestions for how to approach current events with elementary students.
Using Music to Teach
By: Vince Welsh
Did you know that rock, rap and pop music could be used as a teaching and learning tool? This doesn't mean you have to stand in front of your class belting out the rules of reading, writing and...


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