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Graphic Organizers
By: Dr. Katherine McKnight
Using many teaching modalities, especially visualization, has been linked to greater comprehension in learning and reading.   Graphic organizers are important and effective pedagogical tools for...
Student Led Instruction
By: Rosshalde Pak
Teaching tools, tricks, and ideas are an essential component of a teacher’s ‘arsenal’ when it comes to having engaged students and strong teachable moments.  The one tool that I rely heavily upon is...
Science Fair Video Guide
Created by a high school student, this animated Science Fair Guide video is a student-friendly guide to science experiments that will ease science fair stress for students of all ages. Find the video...
Differentiating Textbooks
By: Dr. Katherine McKnight
Literacy and education expert Dr. Katherine McKnight shares the reading proficiency challenges in schools and strategies for differentiating textbooks.
Special Ed Apps
By: Dr. Katherine McKnight
Since iPads are are relatively easy to use and don't have a significant demand on fine motor schools, they are becoming increasing popular for instruction of our students with special needs.  Here...
IEP Meeting Tips
By: Meghan Mathis
As a teacher, having to discuss a child’s deficits with his or her parents can be a very uncomfortable experience.  Every parent wants their child to have a successful, happy life and that certainly...
Teaching Social Responsibility
By: Jinnie Spiegler
What does it mean to teach for social responsibility? To me, it means intentionally teaching young people to understand themselves, each other, and the world.  Here are five essential ingredients to...
DI Activity Menus
By: Charity Preston
Every classroom has a wide range of student abilities – even if your class is already ability grouped. To maxmize "downtime" after some students have completed their classwork and avoid classroom...
Teaching Wordless Books
By: Susan Dee, The Book Maven
Wordless picture books have been around for well over 60 years. Almost every learning objective in the language arts curriculum of every grade level can be taught or enhanced using them. However,...
Empowering Students
By: Kim Haynes
Giving power to my students? Won't that mean school days full of texting, non-educational movies and zero learning? Maybe not...   Empowering students is not the same as abdicating control of your...


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