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Teacher Legal Issues
By: Nancy W. Sindelar
The alleged child abuse scandal that rocked Penn State has put a spotlight on the legal issues and consequences surrounding the mandated reporting of child abuse.  School officials there are now in a...
interactive whiteboard resources
By: Danny Nicholson
Interactive whiteboard resources are a great way for teachers to engage classrooms in learning. While many teachers are spending hours a day creating their own activities for their interactive...
Stop Fights In Your Classroom
By: Joe Baker
When you decided to major in education, it is likely that you had aspirations of instilling knowledge in young minds and making a difference in the lives of children. Hopefully, you have had many...
Student Accountability
By: Stephanie Wrobleski
School may not be a paid position for students, but the positive habits formed by students today are a good investment in their  future.  Holding students accountable for their school work isn’t...
Successful Learning Cultures
By: Dr. A. Douglas Eury, Dr. Jane King & John D. Balls
As we move head strong into the 21st Century, considerable dialogue centers on building learning cultures that support and sustain educational performance. Educators can build sustained student...
By: The TeachHUB Elves
Listen to our rendition of the classic Christmas carol applied to teachers: "The 12 Day of Teaching." On the 12th day of teaching my new school gave to me...
RTI behavior management
By: Kathryn Phillips
If your behavior management system is in place, you're ready to start using RTI for interventions on those Tier II students or “frequent flyers”   This article will take you through a 4-step process...
By: First Amendment Center
Since 1776 the United States has grown from a nation of relatively few religious differences to one of countless religious groups. This expanding pluralism challenges the public schools to deal...
Parent Teacher Communication
By: Cindi Rigsbee
Effective communication can be key when confronting parents about an issue with their child. Though confrontation can be tough, having a positive and efficient approach for communicating can make a...
Teaching Standards
By: Rosshalde Pak
From my perspective, testing - not standards - is what is hurting the classroom. Standards were created as an aide and a checklist of what we should be getting to in a school year. With Common Core...


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