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alternative assessments for learning
By: Charity Preston
When people think of assessment, pencils and bubble sheets may be the first things that come to mind. Assessment does not always have to involve paper and pencil, but can instead be a project, an...
Literacy Education
By: Dr. Katherine McKnight
As literacy educators, we know that school is very different than our experience as teenage students in the 1980s. Try these tips to modernize your literacy education for modern students' needs and...
Brain-based Learning
By: Judy Willis, M.D., M.Ed.
Before students can make memories or learn, you must capture their attention.   Based on my background as a neurologist and my experience as a classroom teacher, I’ve created this list of tips for...
Teaching Rubric
By: Rosshalde Pak
Your students, no matter their age, need and want structure and organization.  They want to know what the limits are and how to push them.  Furthermore, your students want to know what the...
Easy Differentiated Instruction
By: Charity Preston
Finding easy ways to implement DI is – believe it or not – very achievable even with the busiest teacher’s schedule! Differentiation of instruction can be done in one of three ways (or a combination...
Differentiated Instruction
By: Dr. Katherine McKnight
It was almost 20 years ago that I attended a National Endowment for the Humanities program for teaching Shakespeare through performance as an inner city high school teacher. It was at this institute...
Teacher Organization Tips
By: Charity Preston
With Spring upon us, and the warmer temperatures on their way, it is a great time to think about spring cleaning those filing cabinets! Follow my simple filing method to ensure that you never lose,...
Teaching ELL Math
By: Tracie Heskett, M.Ed.
Many lessons in existing curricula are designed for native speakers of English and do not support second language acquisition. This is particularly true for math instruction. To help adapt math...
Common Core State Standards
By: Dr. Katherine McKnight
When I was a students, I pounded out papers on an electric typewriter.  When I started teaching, the web wasn’t an instant resource. I taught students about note cards and bibliography cards when...
By: Dr. Katherine McKnight
One of the greatest challenges facing educators is getting students to be proficient, passionate readers. Surprisingly, the solution to conquering the reading challenge is surprisingly simple...


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