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As we transition from state standards to CCSS, we need to closely read the standards and determine how this new generation of Standards is markedly different from the previous generation.


Some aspects that administrators should know about the CCCSS include:

As teachers of all grade levels know very well, it is extremely difficult to teach students higher order math algorithms when they are not fluent with their basic facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).  If students are not automatic in responding to math facts, their attention is necessarily taken away from the multiple steps necessary to solve more complex problems. 


Below are 12 principles necessary to successfully teaching math facts.

As educators or parents or just as adults, we all acknowledge that there are differences between boys and girls as well as differences between women and men.


It is imperative that we acknowledge gender differences in the students in our classrooms and take actions to meet the needs of boys and girls or you men and women.

I’m sure many of you have spent some time talking with students about the ongoing crisis in Egypt. There are so many different directions you can go with the topic – political, environmental, historical, diplomatic – and so many nuances to the story.


Here is a list of useful resources for teachers to bring the topic of the clashing in Cairo to the classroom.

Call it "active learning," or "classroom participation" -- every teacher wants more involved students and fewer apathetic ones. With a little extra planning, that is possible.


Below are four common reasons students don’t participate and techniques to solve those problems and spice up your lessons.


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