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Reforming Teacher Preparation

With 50% of teachers leaving in the first 5 years, too many of our teachers are entering the profession unprepared for the challenges that lie ahead.


This article explores what schools of education that are preparing our teachers for excellence in their profession can and should do in transforming their programs.

Math Anxiety

Students often fear math word problems, and feeling intimidated means they can’t relax and apply what they’ve learned to even the simplest problems. The resulting brain freeze serves to reinforce the idea that word problems are scary and difficult.


Here are a few strategies that will thaw their attitudes and motivate your students to look forward to math problems rather than dreading them!

Teacher Inclusion strategies

If you are a teacher of students within an inclusion classroom, then you are probably a creative, caring, patient, innovative, resourceful, structured, and flexible person.


Here are 18 practical ways to turn your inclusion experiences into award winning classroom performances.

There are few things more challenging than motivating a student who doesn’t want to learn. But as all good teachers know, no such student really exists.


After working with remedial learners in the ESL program at my junior high school, I truly experienced the struggle to motivate those borderline students who seemed to be constantly exposed to failure. I also experienced the success that is possible if you put in the extra effort with those students.

The first day of school will be here before you know it. Most teachers face the big day with enthusiasm, but they dread the inevitable challenge: what to do on the first day of school.


Every teacher’s approach is different. Whatever your goal, here are a few things to try to get the school year off to a great start!


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