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Empowering Students

Giving power to my students? Won't that mean school days full of texting, non-educational movies and zero learning? Maybe not...


Empowering students is not the same as abdicating control of your classroom. Student empowerment is defined as “student ownership of learning.” That is a good way to look at it – helping students take control of their own education. But how do you do that?

Stop Fights In Your Classroom

When you decided to major in education, it is likely that you had aspirations of instilling knowledge in young minds and making a difference in the lives of children. Hopefully, you have had many satisfying and rewarding experiences that have made your career worthwhile.


One thing that you likely did not anticipate was potential violence in your classroom. Here are four classroom management strategies to prevent fighting in your classroom.

Getting Students Attention

The science of attention teaches us that we tend to pay attention to what we have been taught to value and that we tend to be astonishingly blind to change until something disrupts our pattern and makes us see what has been invisible before (Davidson, 2011). 


How might this statement apply to the life of a classroom teacher working with several students?

Inclusion Educator Checklist

Alto, baritone, soprano, and tenor offer different voices, but together they produce harmonious sounds. Inclusion, also composed of diverse but valuable collaborative voices, is intended to yield melodic classroom performances.


Inclusion occurs through team efforts with scores of players accompanying each other. Each voice is a valuable one that comprises that inclusive chorus.

Successful Learning Cultures

As we move head strong into the 21st Century, considerable dialogue centers on building learning cultures that support and sustain educational performance.


Educators can build sustained student performance through creating successful learning cultures by focusing on these 10 key topics for professional development and experience.


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