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It's time to start teaching the Google way.


Many software applications are released to limited audiences prior to their full public release. These pre-release versions, designed to collect information from willing end users about potential bugs, are called betas. Though some...

Tokbox is my latest, and most fun tool!

Remember when you got your first boardgame? You wanted everyone to play it and enjoy it as much as you did. This is the similar feeling I have toward ...

Just when I thought I’d orchestrated a near-perfect first day of classes for all the students and teachers at my school, in walks Mr. Bowen…


Yesterday on the first day of school, after weeks of programming then shifting then shifting again the schedules for both...

There is a shift afoot in education. The wind is changing. This new digital wind is haling from a virtual world.


Students today need to be immersed in what they are learning - not dealing only with static things like pictures, books, and to some degree even movies. An...

Last year, Louisiana passed a law allowing public school teachers to use creationist supplemental materials in public school science classes. The Texas Board of Education recently adopted changes in the wording of Texas state science standards that undermine the teaching of evolution.



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