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If you’ve been regularly reading my column here at TeachHUB, you are probably beginning to think, “this woman is obsessed with organizing.” And you would be right.


However, despite my vigilant dedication to all things organized, somehow all sorts of piles always manage to...

If you’re looking for a truly inspiration way to motivate your students to achieve, try this lesson based on Carolyn Rubenstein’s book Perseverance: True Voices of Cancer Survivors.


Using the story of a 12-year-old cancer survivor, you will challenge your...

Graphic organizer... that’s just a fancy name for a worksheet, right?


Well, not exactly. A graphic organizer is designed to present information in a different, more visual way. These organizers can increase student comprehension because they help students categorize...

Is it just me or is rudeness EVERYWHERE?


No teacher would ever abide a student screaming insults at another student giving a presentation. Nor would you allow a student to interrupt someone talking during a class discussion.


Yet that’s the example...

How can we encourage teen girls to stick with math and science?


Studies have shown for years that up until the age of about twelve, girls are at least as likely as boys to show interest in Math and Science courses. They show equal or superior skill in these areas...


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