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Here we are- about half way through the school year and right smack in the middle of winter. This is the time of year when I routinely feel

a) so sick of inside recess and the resulting afternoon of madness that I could scream,

b) like I have million things to cover and oh-my-...

Teachers ask hundreds of questions a day so it is important that they use questioning techniques that challenge the thinking of ALL students.


Here are five teaching tips for high-level questioning:

Do you feel isolated in your job? Are you the only one trying out new technology tools? Do not fear! I have some great suggestions for you, they are easy, free, very welcoming and supportive!


You can exchange ideas with other teachers right here on, on the...


To pitch or not to pitch... that is the question?


When I moved into my classroom, I was forced to answer this difficult question. My dilemma began with a great triumph in New York City public schools!



As Science continues to make discoveries and develop technologies to make our lives easier, universal scientific literacy becomes more and more critical to the functioning of our democracy.  The products of scientific research are integral parts of our lives, and yet so many fail to...


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