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The Name of Genius: Einstein Bell-Ringers

Stephen Eldridge, TeachHUB

Einstein Bell-RingersIf genius has a name, it must be Albert Einstein.

There have been many famous geniuses in human history, from Aristotle to Isaac Newton to Stephen Hawking. But only one man's name is a synonym for genius: Einstein.

The man who formulated the theory of general relativity, developed the concept of the photon, and famously theorized mass-energy equivalence with the equation E = mc² was born on March 14th 1879. If you want to celebrate Einstein's birthday (without getting into theoretical physics with your students!), try these bell-ringers and the sample discussion questions with each.

Life is like riding a bicycle...

Sample Discussion Question: What do you think Einstein means by "keeping your balance" in life? How would moving help you do it?

Only a live lived for others...

Sample Discussion Question: How do you think Einstein lived his life for others?

A new idea comes suddenly...

Sample Discussion Question: Have you ever felt like an answer came on you suddenly by intuition? Do you agree that this was really the result of past experience?

The most beautiful experience...

Sample Discussion Question: Why do you think Einstein placed so much value on "the mysterious"? How do you think that feeling inspires art? Science?

But laws alone cannot....

Sample Discussion Question: What do you think is more important in protecting people's rights; good laws or good culture?

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